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Liveaboard Diving Courses

Liveaboard trips don't just have to be for fun diving. Check out our range of recreational and professional liveaboard dive courses.

For some divers, our Thailand and Myanmar liveaboard trips are all about fun diving - visiting the very best locations for diving in Thailand and Burma and ticking off bucket-list items like shark diving or diving with manta rays. For others, it’s about perfecting their underwater photography and videography skills - like capturing a video of one of our world-famous whale sharks or collecting close-up images of the stunning macro critters. And many divers just enjoy kicking back and being led around the dive sites by our professional and experienced guides, taking in the spectacular underwater views without having to navigate or worry about finding the best marine life for themselves. 

However, for many divers, joining one of our liveaboard dive courses presents the opportunity to do all of that - and gain extra certifications by taking additional diving qualifications at the same time. Of course, it’s not possible to teach every course on a liveaboard. Dive courses that require specific terrains, conditions, or specialist equipment are often best left for another time. 

Check out our most popular options, and be sure to book your liveaboard dive courses ahead of time. We need to make sure we have the right amount of dive leaders and instructors on each of our Thailand liveaboards to ensure we continue to provide the best service and experience for all of our guests. So advanced reservations are essential. 

Our Most Popular Liveaboard Dive Courses

Adventure Dive Courses Phuket

Becoming an Adventure Diver is as easy as choosing three adventure dives which your instructor will build into the Andamans diving schedule based on dive site suitability and conditions. Choose from Deep (30m), Multilevel (30m), Navigation, Naturalist, Night, Buoyancy, or Wreck diving. If you select the deep dive as one of your course electives, you’ll become certified to dive to 30 meters, meaning you’ll be able to explore much more of the deeper dive sites as your Thailand diving adventure continues.

Advanced Open Water Diver

To get certified as an Advanced Open Water (AOW) Diver, you must complete 5 adventure dives. The Deep and Navigation dives are mandatory, but you can build the rest of the course yourself by choosing from Multilevel, Naturalist, Night, Buoyancy, or Wreck diving electives. The course takes just 2 days, and there are many great reasons to get your AOW on your liveaboard trip. On completion, you’ll be certified to 30 meters, which opens up many more opportunities for diving in Thailand and beyond!

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

The Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) specialty is the most popular scuba diving specialty course in the world. Benefits of learning to dive on Nitrox include longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, better dive planning, and less fatigue. Learn more about why using EANx on your liveaboard trip is a great idea, and get your first Nitrox dives under your belt under the supervision of one of our professional and experienced instructors. 


Deep Diver

Liveaboards in Thailand and Myanmar regularly visit dive sites that drop below 30 meters. While a 30 meter rating is more than enough to enjoy great dives, getting certified to 40 meters allows you to explore even further. On the Deep Diver course, you’ll learn to plan and safely execute deeper dives safely and with confidence under the direct supervision of one of our experienced staff. 


Underwater Photographer

Learning to take great quality underwater photos means you can collect lots of souvenirs of your time spent diving in Thailand to show your friends and family back home. Underwater photography is one of our most popular liveaboard dive courses. Our divers and staff often spend hours on the sun deck and in our saloon reviewing and editing their shots, looking up marine life and macro critters in fish ID guides, and sharing photos from their Thailand liveaboard trips and previous diving holidays. 



If you want to get the most out of your Thailand diving holiday, try diving in Burma, and get qualified as a professional diver all at the same time, taking your Divemaster course with the MV Deep Andaman Queen is a fantastic option. You’ll refine your dive skills and get to grips with our operations in Khao Lak and Phuket. Liveaboard dive training is a much sought-after quality in dive professionals, so over the 4-8 week Divemaster program, we’ll make sure you get plenty of time practicing your skills, assisting our instructors with courses and fun diving, coordinating boat lists, and helping to manage guest experiences. 

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