Dive Courses on Board

Adventure Dive Courses Phuket

You may choose skills from a variety of dives: Naturalist, Deep, Multilevel, Navigation or Wreck etc. This is a one day course in Phuket which includes 3 adventure boat dives in Phuket. The Adventure Diver certification card will be granted.

Nitrox Dive Courses Phuket

The course concerns increasing the length of time you can stay at your maximum depth. Nitrox will allows us to extend our bottom time much longer limits than on air. This is a 2 day course comprising of theory and 2 dives in Phuket. After completion of this course you will be able to rent equipment and dive on Nitrox anywhere in the world.

Divemaster Course in Phuket

This course is to refine your dive skill rescue skills and environmental awareness, to come to the first step towards a career in the diving profession, learn how to be able to care for yourself and the people you take care on diving in Phuket. This 4-8 week program focuses on the role of a divemaster coordinating trips on our boats, assisting our instructors teaching courses and lending a helping hand in all aspects of our center in dive courses Phuket.