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Western Rocky Dive Site

Fan Forest Pinnacle  is located around 40 nautical miles West of the Myanmar/Thailand border port of Kawthaung. This Burma dive site lies in open ocean and is is actually a massive submerged pinnacle. Hence Fan Forest Pinnacle ranges from 5- 40m + and is a firm favorite among guests from all experience levels. In Addition we are regularly asked if we can make a 2nd or even a 3rd dive here.

Fan Forest Pinnacle, like Western Rocky, has been off-limits to dive boats for "security reasons" since late 1998. The authorities have not indicated wheIri this restriction may be lifted. Just 10km north of Western Rocky, this large limestone pinnacle rises from more than 45m deep to within Sm of the surface. Accordingly, it offers a good multilevd profile, although the shallowest portions are rather barren.Perhaps the site's most_triking feature is a tremendous number of huge, undamaged orange fan corals, most of which are below 30m. Blue-ringed angelfish, lionfish and coral trout are among the most common reef fish, in addition to mid water species like jacks, barracuda and batfish. You'll also have a good possibility of encountering big animals like leopard, grey reef and white tip reef sharks, mantas and eagle rays.

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